To begin the process of searching for a therapist, an individual first recognizes a desire for change in how they feel and think about their experiences. Because you have found your way here, you believe that a Possibility Exists for feeling and thinking differently about your life’s challenges. We can call that hope and a perfect place to start together.

Stacy is a Missouri Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist and Certified EMDR Therapist who is dedicated to offering you support and guidance as you reframe the barriers in your life and begin to live your true potential. Utilizing an eclectic intervention approach, with an emphasis in EMDR, your experiences will be reprocessed for gaining insight and inner peace with your past, as well as, a sense of control and calm in your current endeavors. The fear and doubt that has restricted you from taking risks and pursuing your passions will also be addressed, giving you the emotional freedom to create a path of promise and success in your near future.

“It will be my privilege to work alongside you as you discover your possibilities. You exist, and to me, that is precious.” ~Stacy